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Shout Out to Community

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Date: March 10, 2021 Author: Evelyn Shoop
Shout Out to Community

Community voice is critical to cradle-to-career networks. Community is our purpose, and we were proud to include community members in creating the California Cradle to Career Coalition website. Community has had input on every aspect–down to the color scheme and font size. 

Thank you to community members from Hayward Promise Neighborhood, South Bay Community Services, Fresno Cradle to Career, and Mission Promise Neighborhood (MEDA) for your time and commitment to this work! Your insights and everyday work reach far beyond this website, and we are happy to have your voices reflected here. 

Here are some highlights from what community members shared with us about the website and the process.

“It has been a remarkable experience to see how the voices that make up the C2C community are being heard and uplifted in an organic way, through authentic engagement. Thank you for this experience!” -Carmen Zamora (Cradle to Career Fresno County)

“Being a part of the C2C community has been an honor to be into the beginning stages of great minds coming together to create a site that can reach all people. It showed me that as a part of a community, my voice was important and valuable.” -Kayla Milton (Hayward Promise)

“I feel very honored and grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had to participate in the work of the creation of the website for this coalition of community groups. It seems very important to let communities know that they’re not alone. We have this coalition that not only offers resources but also advocates for everyone before our elected leaders. Thank you so much for your work.” -Lupita Roman Alatorre (South Bay Community Services)

This California cradle-to-career website was made for and by community members throughout our beautiful state. Community members are our reason for being, and evolving into this coalition so we can better serve our people.