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Join us in Ending Child Poverty in California!

The California Cradle to Career coalition represents over 650 organizations providing vital civic infrastructure to achieve racial and economic equity, serving over 1.4 million youth (0-18 years old) from cradle to career in California’s highest poverty communities.

Without action, state investments from cradle to career – ensuring pathways for teachers of color, kindergarten readiness, community schools, student mental health, community college linkages, and workforce development – may not achieve their intended goals, or reach communities at all.

Our coalition is positioned to ensure the effective and equitable use of $132,742,237 in existing state investments – $400M over 3 years – coordinating and providing services to children and families.

 OUR 2023 ASK: 

$45.5M one-time is a community-informed request to bolster the network of cradle to career partnerships, ensuring the civic infrastructure needed for state funds to fulfill their purpose, families receive critically needed services, and prevent the costs of poverty to the state.

It is time for a significant investment in cradle to career networks as part of the solution towards long-term equity as key players to improve educational and socioeconomic outcomes and reduce racial disparities. Expanding these proven networks through a competitive grant program is a low-cost way to maximize existing resources and ensure children receive coordinated and effective services from cradle to career.

Read more about this year’s bill, AB 1321

and stay tuned for more ways you can support.

California’s children and families can no longer wait.

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